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  • Chris Rooney

Charting a course into the Storm…

A journey starts with a destination.

A ship's Captain sets the course, prepares the ship, trains the crew, and off they go. They use the best available knowledge to determine the weather ahead and adjust their course for a timely & safe arrival.

Many emerging & innovative companies resist a "rechart" or to gain “look ahead” knowledge. The ability to "ask customers" and to gain market clarity is at the highest it has ever been. Why do so many innovative (growth) companies resist or, worst, wait "until there is water in the boat" to reach out to "rechart" to their destination?

The tools to gain customer insights to set product/service design is available to all size companies but are left underleveraged by most. The impact of 2020 that continues into 2021 hasn't been subtle in its effect on customers buying behavior or the fundamentals of companies go to market.

You would expect to understand customer behavior with the reimagination of service design to focus on an innovator.

"Recharting" is not a B2C only issue, as B2B companies have the same and much deeper business model to address challenges.

With past growth from new office construction, the HVAC manufacturer is pivoting to sell to a B B2C "at home" market. Or a specialty chemical company that uncovered 12 different buyer personas in their go-to-market with an immediate need to replace the traditional face-to-face selling with a Digital Storefront.

Why is "charting a course into a storm" the specific option for emerging or Innovatvating companies?

It is as simple as getting out of their day-to-day and take a fresh perspective & find uncommon ideas.

  • It is the “hope for the best” approach with the CEO & Owners feel they do not have the "dry powder" (cash) available to change course & heading straight into the storm is the best alternative.

  • The change is too hard with bringing everyone (i.e., team, investors, customers) to accept a course change is too overwhelming for the existing leadership.

  • Mistakenly see there is “no time” to take the step to gain the fact base to "rechart."

Knowledge is power. Having a simple weather report or customer insights allows for a more effective course to be taken to a destination. Having a fact base built on clarity of customers & strategic design will set the speedier voyage and seems to be the better alternative "than bailing out your boat."



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