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Your business advisor and investment partner

Having exciting products and technologies, but who need experienced leadership to help grow into commercially successful companies with strong organizations, and to navigate the world of investors and value-creation.

i.e. Manufacturers, Fabricators

Businesses looking for new ideas, and/or more execution firepower, to find new sources of growth and income and optimal exits.

i.e. MfgTech, IndTech, AgriTech


BosunPartners is a business and investment advisor in niche-leading, high-performing companies in the U.S. and Western manufacturing sector. We focus on hard tech providers and are launching a BosunPartners investment portfolio, a series of growth equity investments for technology-enabled Western manufacturing.

Whether you’re interested in investing in technology-enabled Western manufacturing or are a technology innovator in the U.S. or West seeking to grow your business and attract new investment, BosunPartners can demonstrate our deep domain expertise, operating skills, and knowledge, our broad and relevant network, and our growth equity acumen.


Recognizing  the high percentage of businesses they discover but do not fund, with promising potential, but are missing the leadership, operational, and financially-savvy help to turn “interesting” into “investible” and “promising investment” into “high confidence return”.

i.e. Growth Equity, Income, Early Stage

We are business advisors to portfolio Western manufacturing companies and technology innovators, helping them to grow their business, create value, and attract new investment.

We collaborate with growth investors to identify and participate in dynamic new opportunities in the U.S. and the West in the hard tech manufacturing sector.

BosunPartners has two connected areas of focus:

The Bosun Perspective

BosunPartners has a clear-eyed view of the crossroads Western manufacturing is at—and the opportunity at hand.

What’s a Bosun?

We thought you might be curious about our name.

The Bosun Approach

We help businesses go further than they thought possible.


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