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Investment Partner

Dr. Jeff Russakow

Jeff is a deeply experienced technologist, scale and growth operator, business transformer, and growth investor with nearly 30 years of work experience.

Beginning his career as a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, with multiple degrees from Princeton and Stanford, Jeff’s areas of domain relevant to today’s “hard tech” market include industrial tech, manufacturing tech, robotics, IoT, AI/ML, transportation and autonomous systems/vehicles, space tech, and frontier tech. He additionally has a degree in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, where he focused on US industrial technology policy. 

Jeff has been a senior executive at Fortune 500 companies SAP, Adobe, Symantec, and Yahoo!, where he led global scale organizations with thousands of employees and partners across dozens of worldwide locations. In this capacity, he has led field sales, service, support, product management, product development, business intelligence, outsourcing/offshoring/reshoring, corporate strategy, and M&A.  He has been involved in part or all of nearly 100 post-merger integrations over the years. His early foundation in business was as a McKinsey & Company associate principal, where he focused on operational areas across enterprise hardware, software, and service companies.

Jeff has been a growth company CEO three times, achieving 4x, 5x, and 10x revenue growth rates in periods as short as one to three years.  His last company was an award-winning global electric vehicle manufacturing company representing state of art in design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of moderate volume high tech consumer and enterprise products.

Jeff has also been an operating partner in growth equity and serves as a SPAC and growth equity advisor to multiple investors and growth companies across manufacturing tech, industrial tech, transportation tech, ag tech, and space tech. 

Overall, Jeff delivers a unique and differentiated skill set for growth investing in this sector, as a Ph.D. with a technical background, a subsequent 25-year arc as a scale and growth operator, and an experienced growth operating partner and investor/board member.

Jeff is a co-founding member of BosunPartners and helps to shape the Bosun philosophy by which we partner with companies and investors.

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