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Investment Advisor

Chris Rooney

Chris is a battle-hardened executive whose diverse roles and experiences underscores a unique ability to innovate strategies and execute them in the market.

His career began by taking a start-up through acquisition and continuously serving founders and new-generation owners to expand their businesses. Later, at McKinsey & Company, he built a diverse set of innovative go-to-market strategies and operations for clients that always derive from the clarity of customer and market "asks."

Chris blends the dexterity of an entrepreneurial business operator with a business strategist's rigor for the "out-of-the-box" ability to structure deals and commercial agreements. His ability to close a strategic opportunity or partnership that triggers a new business trajectory has been his forte.

Chris has led privately held companies, combined with the investor viewpoint, from portfolio management to due diligence. He has the uncanny ability to identify and set a go-forward approach for companies in consulting, design services, manufacturing, and FinTech/Manufacturing Tech, leading to more than $100 million in transactions.

As part of the executive team that built a digital business in excess of $2 billion, Chris served a diverse set of global companies with unique business transformation initiatives, which uncovered design-led and digital-enabled business models within their traditional business operations.  Within the last three years, he has managed over $500 million in technology-driven expenditure.

Chris has led complex due diligence as an operating partner, focusing on unit economics and throughput as opposed to older "traditional" manufacturing processes. He has been designing go-to-market and business model alternatives for manufacturers for over the last 10 years and is serving as a board advisor to an LMM metal fabricator, a global electrical component manufacturer, and an AI SaaS provider.

Chris is an alum of Clark University with a degree in Economics and continues to sponsor and support behavioral economics research.

Chris is a co-founding member of BosunPartners and helps to identify and structure Bosun’s partnering with companies and investors.

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