We help businesses go further than they thought possible.

From strategy and growth to operations and execution, to fundraising and value creation events, we help all stages of companies from nascent to mature achieve business outcomes that they thought were beyond them

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From technology disruptors to scale public businesses to PE and private multi-generational businesses, we’ve guided more than 100 companies to achieve greater heights.


As business leaders and investors find themselves at inflection points of strategy, execution, and financing, it's all about finding the next move and then successfully executing. We’ve seen a great deal across a broad swath of businesses, and can bring fresh thinking; unlock a company’s brain trust; visualize new strategies and alternative; and find better ways to get there. 


As proven business leaders, business-builders, investors, and strategists, we’ve helped companies grow, navigate challenges, and push the limits of what is possible. 


We get it; success takes much more than advice. It’s takes hard-won wisdom and hands-on assistance to turn challenges into results and business potential into commercial success. No matter the chartered course, we are with you on the journey.

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Managing Partner

McKinsey, SAP, Adobe, Symantec, Yahoo!, Gimbal, Findly, Boosted



Managing Partner

Early Cloud & Company, McKinsey, SAP, SagePartners, Wipro Digital



Managing Partner

McKinsey, PerkinElmer, Von Dutch Kustom Cycles, Spot Imaging Solutions, Fathead, Shinola


Advancing Performance

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Emerging Businesses

Seeking to take it to the next level for new investment or for value realization, and/or who need help managing, channeling, and accelerating their growth.

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Next Phase

Businesses looking for  new ideas, and/or more execution firepower, to find new sources of growth and income and optimal exits.

Nascent Business

Having exciting products and technologies, but who need experienced leadership to help grow into commercially successful companies with strong organizations, and to navigate the world of investors and value-creation.

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Recognizing  the high percentage of businesses they discover but do not fund, with promising potential, but are missing the leadership, operational, and financially-savvy help to turn “interesting” into “investible” and “promising investment” into “high confidence return”

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Foundational Business


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services Provider


After three funding events, the company lacks a path to positive cashflow: too many proof-of-concept engagements or short-term projects leveraging data scientist expertise.

The critical discovery effort led to a "productization focus" targeting a set of business "use cases" in retail and plant operations.

Combining a customer-discovery offering strategy and a newly formed "offering" organization has led to positive cashflow.


Next Generation Business


Medical Services Provider


Twenty-year-old regional medical servicing business, with two founding owners that had plateaued below the mark to gain interest from private equity investors, needed to uncover potential alternatives.

Defining a new strategy to launch nation-wide services via an ecosystem of strategic partners with the latest business operation created a new trajectory for the business.

The result was a Private Equity firm rolling up the ecosystem providing the owners with a buyout of 4x on earnings.

Growth Equity Investors


Metal Fabricator


Three years following their investment & limited EBIDTA expansion, the equity investors requested the CEO to develop a series of strategic alternatives for the business.

It was uncovered that the company was unsuccessfully balancing a high-margin speciality services customer base as well as lover-margin commodity components. The divergence of their businesses happened over time but the leadership & operational practices did not adapt.

Through a comprehensive effort, a divestiture strategy & aggressive go-to-market initiative to expand the speciality business launched. The effort resulted in a 30% increase in cash performance the following year.


Nascent Business


SaaS-based Human Capital Management company


Two years after buying a mid-cap growth company, the investors realized it was in revenue decline due to outdated technology and lack of product innovation. Prior management stopped innovating and cut vital product talent to improve the company financials before the sale. The post-sale CEO  was an excellent business development leader but not an operator or technologist who could re-imagine the product/technology portfolio or operating model.

A customer-centric review uncovers clarity of need with an opportunity to offer products designing to the gig economy segment, expanding the addressable market.

An unconventional approach was taken, acquiring a platform in the market The combined company benefitted from offering and expanding customer base, improved go-to-market organization, and enabled a tuck-in acquisition, effectively extending the product portfolio.

Two years later, a larger PE financial sponsor acquired an acquisition with a successful financial outcome for the original investors.

Next Phase Business


Digital Imaging Equipment Supplier for Healthcare & Life Sciences


50-year-old family-owned high end digital imaging hardware (camera) supplier facing dramatically  increasing competition and had become unprofitable.

Revamped strategy to focus on internet enabled imaging software and systems to complement cameras.  Rationalized product portfolio and revamped sales and distributor model to enhance top line.  Reduced costs through outsourced engineering, software development and corporate functions.  Served as interim CEO to coach family on professionalizing the business.

Company restored to profitability family owners re-assumed CEO role.


Emerging Business


Custom Motorcycle Manufacturer


Start-Up Custom Motorcycle Business

Evolved a consulting project into the launch of a custom motorcycle business differentiated by approval as a licensed vehicle manufacturer. Partnered with an established brand, developed a product line of 6 motorcycles, arranged floorplan financing for and built out dealer network. Licensed designs to a toy manufacturer that sold in major retailers (Target, Walmart, Toys-R-Us)

Successful exit at 8X original investment to strategic buyer.


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